Tips for Designing Effective Outdoor Advertising Banners

Outdoor advertising banners can be an effective marketing tool to boost profitability in your business. However, the degree of effectiveness can vary widely and a big part of that is how it is designed. Here are a few tips that can help your banners draw the attention and response you are hoping for.

Consider Visibility

Your outdoor advertising banners can’t do their job if they cannot be seen or understood. Consider the distance from which they will be seen. For example, if you are looking to catch automotive traffic and your building is set back from the street consider a larger banner. On the other hand, if it is walk-by traffic then a large banner is inappropriate as it may take up too much space and annoy people. The font size should consider distance and the maximum reading distance.

Consider Focus

Design your outdoor banners around what you hope to achieve. Focus on the message, such as a product or service you want them to know about. If your building is rather undescriptive, you can use a banner to alert people to your presence. You can also advertise a special sale although this is a type of banner you wouldn’t use week after week as it will lose effectiveness that way.

Keep it Concise

Too many colors, too many fonts and too many messages make for a confusing, and thus ignored, banner. The fundamental rule of “less is more” applies when designing outdoor banners. Keep to a couple contrasting colors and no more than two complimentary fonts. While you do not want to leave out vital information, your banner shouldentice people to come inside to get most of their questions answered.

Quality Matters

Your outdoor banners reflect your company. Getting a budget one with bleeding colors, fuzzy pictures and poor design choices isn’t going to do you any favors. Instead, opt for a banner supplier that has the experience to provide a high-quality banner for you. Their design staff understands the best techniques for making your banner do what it is meant to do; increase business. Quality also matters if you want a durable banner for long-term use.

It is better to take one’s time when designing outdoor advertising banners to get the results that make it a wise investment. Turn to professionals during the design process that will consider visibility, focus on the intended purpose and keep it high-quality. Well-designed banners encourage people to stop in to see all that you have to offer.

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