Hobbies to Try for the New Year

The new year means new resolutions and activities. Starting a hobby can make you a more well-rounded person and give you something to put your time and energy into. With some supplies, you can start making candles or your own custom lotion. From gardening tools to plastic lotion containers, here are supplies you need to get into some eternally popular hobbies.

Candle Making

Getting into candle making is an easy way to exercise some creativity, pass the time, and make gifts for your friends and family. Candles are romantic gifts and easy to make in a variety of colors and scents. To begin, all you need is some wicks, candle wax, dyes, fragrances, and some candle molds. The low-cost upfront is another draw to this hobby.


Popular and useful, knitting is another crafting hobby that people can get seriously addicted to. With the ability to make hats, scarves, sweaters, and knit dolls, you can spend time making thoughtful gifts for anyone in your life. The basic starter for knitting is different colors of wool, knitting needles, and some method of learning the stitches. Because some stitches can be complicated, taking a class in person is the easiest way to begin. However, you can also find beginner tutorials on YouTube.


Spending time in the dirt and open air can have a profound effect on your outlook and overall mental health. Gardening will get you outside in nature and gives you a chance to grow your own flowers and food. To start, clear a space in your yard or build some gardening boxes with wood and soil. You can find tutorials on the internet or talk to employees at your local gardening center, where you can also purchase different varieties of seeds.

Video Gaming

If you’ve never tried playing video games, it’s not too late to find a couple favorites that will give you a new guilty passion. Each gaming system has its own famous lines of games, from Zelda to Halo. Either pick up a console or pick up some games for your PC.

Making Lotion

Lotion making is another practical hobby that will help you express your creativity while producing quality products you can sell or give to your friends. The supplies aren’t expensive nor hard to come by. You can find lotion containers for sale online. Shea butter, milk, fragrances, and other ingredients are also sold on crafting websites. After you’ve picked up lotion containers for sale, just find a tutorial or go to a class and you’ll never need to buy lotion again.

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