What Is Glamping and Why Should You Do it in the Grand Canyon

Glamping is glamorous camping, but you aren’t the only thing that makes your camping trip glamorous. When you schedule a visit at the Grand Canyon, you cannot head there without the proper fanfare. This amazing natural wonder demands glamour from its visitors, and luxury glamping at Grand Canyon National Park includes your camper itself. Don’t drive to the Grand Canyon in your tired, old camper. Rather enjoy luxury glamping with a high-end vehicle. Here’s what you’ll find in a glamper.

Bathing Amenities

One of the worst things about camping for some is being dirty or having to shower in public facilities. A glamper has a full bathroom that includes hot water and a sky-lit shower. Can you imagine taking a luxurious hot shower in private yet looking up into the beautiful Arizona sky at the same time. Oh yeah! That’s glamping.

Luxury Seating and Bedding

You should enjoy leather seats and a sofa-bed that you do not have to unfold yourself. Nope! When you glamp, your hyda-bed unfolds electronically and it’s plenty big, too. Expect nothing less than a memory foam mattress and luxury linens, including a down comforter. Your bed can be as big a 54 inches by 80 inches, which will give you plenty of comfortable sleeping space.

Clothing and Other Storage

You don’t want plastic or laminate cabinets for your camping storage. Luxury demands finished wood cabinetry made from walnut, and you should have plenty of space for your clothing. Your glamping, not camping, so you can over pack; in fact, you should. You should also expect additional storage for other needs, such as food, toiletries and entertainment consoles.

Wide Doors

You are at the Grand Canyon. You must have luxury glamping at Grand Canyon National Park so you can sit in your camper and view the amazing and colorful rocks. Sure, you’ve seen the canyon in pictures, but even the best photographer cannot do this natural wonder justice. Your glamper will have wide sliding doors that are glass paned for expansive views.

This is only half of what you can expect when you go glamping in Grand Canyon National Park. There are many more amenities from which you can choose, and you shouldn’t hold back. You will be blown away by the Grand Canyon, there’s no way around it. Wow your family with the camper, as well. Everyone will have a wonderful time when they go glamping.

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