Four Reasons to Return to the Tavern

Whether you’re meeting friends after work or enjoying an evening out with family, the idea of delicious food, a welcoming environment and friendly people will likely sound appealing. Made from scratch restaurants in Alpharetta, GA have taken the tavern — an old institution with a rich history — and modernized, elevated and customized it while maintaining the classic feel and the all-important focal point: community.

The Decor

The first thing you’re apt to notice when you enter these contemporary locales is the decor. Designed to instantly feel warm and hospitable, the indoor and outdoor seating options foster a casual yet stylish atmosphere. A homey, open kitchen scheme provides a clear view of chefs as they actively prepare dishes, while ample flat screen televisions provide fun focal alternatives. Carefully chosen color schemes also help to further enhance the cozy style of made from scratch restaurants in Alpharetta, GA.

The Drinks

In advance ofyour fine meal, indulge in handcrafted cocktailsalong with a variety of regular and diet sodas, plain and flavored lemonades, sparkling and artesian water and sweet freshly squeezed juice and iced tea. With so many choices, you’re likely to find more than one favorite.

The Food

While much can be said in favor of classics, success can often depend on adaptability peppered withrenewed perspective. When you think of a tavern,food may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but these eaterieswork hard to cast that misconception aside. Using only fresh, top-quality locally sourced ingredients, made from scratch restaurants in Alpharetta, GA booststandardAmerican tavern fareto gourmet cuisine proportions. Using homegrown ingredients not only encourages local commerce and makes for refreshingly varied and flavorful dishes, but inspiresvaluable relationships.

Meeting friends for an appetizer? Consider trying elevated classics such as hand-cuttruffle parmesan fries, hot and sweet wings or shrimp and crab nachos. Extensive menus boast everything from brunch selections, salads, burgers, sandwiches and unique sides todaily specials, kid-friendly choices andupscale tavern favorites, all craftedby hand.Concerned about yourdietary restrictions or allergies? Have no fear. Made from scratch restaurants in Alpharetta, GA also offer gluten-free and specially prepared selections suited to every palate.

The People

These restaurants not only offer agratifyingmorning, afternoon or evening out, but provide fun opportunity for the entire family. Consider taking part in an entertainment or event night that draws local talent, or just enjoy these definitive neighborhood gathering spots for the sense of communal connectivity they cultivate.Whether you’re looking for a delectable meal or specifically searching for made from scratch in Alpharetta, GA, chances are you’ll find much more than you anticipated.

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