Choosing the Right Light Switch Covers for Your Space

Updating the light switch and electrical outlet plate covers can add elegance to any room at an affordable cost. Custom wall switch plates come in a variety of designs and configurations to suit any home.

Understand the Basics

There are many types of electrical outlet covers and light switch plates. Most retailers of wall switch plates provide a configuration guide to help you choose the correct cover for the outlet or switch. If a certain type of cover is not available for that switch, it may be possible to adapt that switch to a different configuration with few changes. For example, exchanging a toggle-style switch for a rocker-style switch.

Create a List

The first step can be to create a list of each electrical outlet and light switch in the room you wish to update with new switch plate covers. A diagram of where each one can be found in the room may be helpful at this step.In your list, it can help to the number of each switch or outlet and what configuration each switch has. It can be easy to miss outlets or switches hidden behind furniture or in recessed areas, so it may help to recount several times to get an accurate estimate.

Count the Outlets or Switches

Many switches or outlets come in multiple configurations. Custom wall switch plates most often come in configurations of one to four switches. Outlets usually come in groups of two outlets per cover. These configurations can be merged into groups of both switches and outlets.

Take Photos

It may help to take photos of each of the electrical outlets and light switches in the room so you have a way to assess the shape and design of each cover plate.  This can also help you remember the configuration of the outlets or switches. You may also want to take photos of each wall to help you choose a design while shopping for your new plate covers.

Pick a Design

Wall outlet plate covers and light switch plates come in a variety of designs to complement the design of your room. Darker switch and outlet covers may work better for a room painted in darker colors. Adding just one or two decorative plates in visible areas, such as light switches next to the door, can add impact without too much extra cost.

Many retailers now allow you to buy switch plates online from the comfort of your home. Checking the configuration guide for each retailer can help you choose the right custom wall switch plates for your space.

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