What Can Be The Reason For Delay Or Cancellation Of Flights

Delay or cancellation of the flight is a very common sight nowadays. This can lead to discomfort and disturbance of the overall schedule of passengers. Both of these patterns are followed occasionally in flights from different companies. A passenger should know the reasons that result in the occurrence of such issues. This will help them in preventing from such discomfort to some extent and learn about their rights under such circumstances as well.


This is the most common reason for cancellation and delay of the flight. A flight can delay for several different types of weather conditions such as inter-storms, strong winds and lightning storms. It is important for a passenger to check the flight status before reaching the airport.

If there is any forecast of adverse weather condition, then it could be an indication for delayed or cancelled flights due to extreme weather conditions. Under those circumstances, when the weather returns to its normal condition, flight will again get rescheduled to the next available flight without any extra charge.


Events like holidays witness a sudden increase in the number of passengers in the security line. This can be one of the reasons for your flight to get later or cancel. Though there is a security staff that directs passengers to shorter lines at the time when their flights are ready to depart, sometimes it can make the airport overwhelmed. It depends on airline arrangements how well it manages the flight for passengers who are stuck up in security.

Delayed arrival of Aircraft

Airplanes are often placed into heavy rotation. The plane that took passengers from one place and dropped them to another place needs to be refueled and revaluated to ensure its condition to perform the same task again. Sometimes this process can take time and due to which it can lead to delay in the flight.

This mostly happens in those cases when the aircraft that dropped the passengers at some place is scheduled to take a certain set of passengers at a different route.

Congestion in Air Traffic

More than 80,000 flights every day crisscross the United States daily. Though it may look as if it is a huge number, but airline traffic control towers have remarkable sensors equipped in it that handles an airplane operation under all such occurrences accurately and efficiently.

The situation can get worse in cases of holiday or any other festive event when the number and frequency of the flights increase significantly. This can lead to delay in the arrival time of the flight.


Most of the common jet requires a minimum of two hours for fueling. A large craft or trans-oceanic flight which has to take up long haul journeys, require a long time to fuel the engine. If there are any issues that prevent your plane to get properly and timely fueled, then it can lead to a significant delay. Such type of issues can only be known to a passenger after reaching to the airport.


Delays and cancellation in a flight can happen due to any of these reasons. Understand these events would help a passenger in finding the right way to deal with the situation.

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