How Can Professionals Help You To Fight Bed Bugs?

Beg bugs can be one of the biggest problem creators. They can cause a lot of mess thereby spoiling your belongings. Hence, it is important to get rid of them. This guide will brief you some tips to get rid of bed bugs.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs?


  • Reduce the Clutter

Make sure that you remove all the unnecessary personal items including electronics, blankets, soft toys and stuffed animals from the room which has got infected with bed bugs. This is important since bed bugs can otherwise spread from the affected areas leading to more clutter and issues. Bed bugs are very harmful for your health and can cause several diseases. Hence, it is important to get rid of them before they make you ill.


  • Launder Infested Linens and Garments

You cannot treat infested bed linen and garments with insecticides. It is important to launder them in hot water (in minimum 120 degrees water). In case it is not feasible to wash the garments, you can heat them for several minutes and then dry them using a cloth dryer.


  • Clean the Infested Area

You can scrub the infested areas using a stiff brush fro dislodging the eggs. After scrubbing, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the room thoroughly. Hose of vacuum cleaner can help you to clean the small holes and cracks where bed bugs are most likely to hide. It is recommended to vacuum along the buttons, tufts, bed seams, foot boards, headboards, rails, bed stands, furniture and baseboards.

Regular vacuum cleaning will help in removing particles from the crevices and cracks so that there is better penetration of insecticide. However, make sure that you take proper precautions to protect yourself from any infection during the cleaning. Additionally, after cleaning the surface with vacuum make sure that you dispose the cleaner bags so that there’s no infection and mess.


How to Inspect the Bed Bugs?

In order to get rid of the bed bugs, it is important to inspect and find the area where they are present. Following section will brief you some common places where bed bugs infest the most:


  • Check the Mattresses

Firstly, it is important to give due attention to tufts and seams along the edges. Apart from top, inspect the bottom as well by flipping the mattress.


  • Furniture

Pay close attention to the furniture including dressers, chairs, desks, and drawers etc. Pull out the drawers and check thoroughly if there’s any sign of the bed bug. These are the common areas where bed bugs are present in an infested room.


  • Role of Pest Control

Nowadays, there are various professional pest control services available in the market. Professional pest control service providers have expertise in handling such cases and they can easily cater to such problems. Hence, if you have bed bugs in your home, you can contact bed bug control service providers for professional services.



Don’t get stressed if you have bed bugs at home. Just call the experts to get solution.

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