5 Fascinating Facts About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

It’s more important now than ever before to embrace environmentally-friendly lifestyles and protect our world. This is especially true for our vehicles that get us to and fro- it’s so important to think about the future of our planet and how we can make a difference. One way to become more energy-conscious is with diesel exhaust fluid. Cut down on bad nitrogen oxide levels while increasing power and efficiency with this solution. Let’s check out five things you probably didn’t know about diesel exhaust fluid!

Carefully Made

Diesel exhaust fluid is a mixture typically made of 1/3 urea and 2/3 deionized water. It’s carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute to ensure every batch meets standards. The urea is synthetically made, so no animals are harmed during the process and it’s a safe substance. Once made, the fluid is sprayed into the exhaust stream to break down nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water that won’t have an adverse effect or cause air pollution. This after-treatment technology is introduced in the exhaust, which allows car companies to manufacture powerful cars. Diesel exhaust fluid typically has a blue filler cap and is kept in a separate, insulated heated tank. While not all gas stations or auto stores carry it, many do- you may need to call ahead of time or search online to find it!


There are many misconceptions associated with diesel exhaust fluid, because many people are unaware of the benefits it provides. While a diesel exhaust fluid truck may cost a bit more, it offers optimized combustion, improved fuel efficiency and better power. If that wasn’t enough, there’s the added bonuses of less maintenance and wear on the engine. With diesel exhaust fluid, you’ll enjoy a highly reliable vehicle that yields harmless nitrogen and water into the atmosphere, rather than the awful alternative. It seems that with this fluid, there’s a whole lot of good and not a lot of bad!

Miles Per Gallon

Many people falsely believe that diesel exhaust fluid is a gas guzzler. It’s actually quite the opposite, as manufacturers say it improves fuel mileage by as much as 5 percent. Car companies are able to make the engine any way they want to, relying on the diesel exhaust fluid to take care of the pollutants. Compared to other smog-reduction systems, diesel exhaust gets better fuel mileage. Although they have improved in the last few years, many drivers remain understandably concerned about gas prices. It’s good to know that choosing a more environmentally-friendly option doesn’t have to break the bank for your gas tank!


Many people incorrectly believe that diesel exhaust fluid prices, combined with it’s toxicity, make it a no-go. But that’s simply not true- not only is it affordable, but it’s also safe for the environment. Urea is the active ingredient in the fluid, and it’s also found in plastics, animal feed, fertilizers, cleaning products and pharmaceutical applicants. It’s less toxic than many other fluids in a truck, such as fuel, brake fluid, engine oil, antifreeze and windshield washing fluid.


Many curious minds wonder about diesel exhaust fluid prices. It’s often mistaken as a significantly more expensive option, but that’s not the case. Diesel exhaust fluid price per gallon has been steadily decreasing since first entering the market. While it was once more than $12 per gallon, many auto parts stores now sell 1-gallon jugs for under $6, with 2-gallon options for $12. This is actually an easily affordable option for many drivers.

With reasonable diesel exhaust fluid prices and plenty of benefits, now may be the time to consider a truck that’s more environmentally friendly.

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