Few Tips for Bowling If You Are A Beginner

Are you interested to learn bowling? Though it looks pretty simple game to play, but you will soon be frustrated if you do not use proper technique.

Following are few helpful tips for participating in Arlington bowling alley.

1.Pick the ball of right size

If you want to be specific, an ideal weight for bowling ball is around 11 to 12 pounds in case of women, and for men it is 14 to 15 pounds. Weight often matters less as compared to finding snug fit.

Heavier balls although knock down all pins with little more force, but ill-fitting finger holes will be the surest way of steering the game into gutter. Attempt for holes which are just little larger as compared to your ring size.

Don’t be afraid of changing your ball if it is difficult to grip it well.

2.Keep a relaxed swing

Prefer not to put your too much muscle while swinging the ball, that results in slower and wonkier throws. By relaxing your swing, you can have more than even taking deep breath or even whispering positive self-affirmations just before each of your turn.

It needs proper balancing of your swing with this approach, and also knowing where you must position your ball at outset.

3.Find your Speed

In case, you prefer to approach your line slow, then start with your ball at your chest level. This will ensure that your swing will take same time that you need in completing the approach.

Start with your bowling ball somewhere in between your waist and thigh if you prefer to approach fast, because there is not so much time for full swing.

4.Line up your shot

All those little arrows and dots on the lane actually are your friends, and don’t always aim for center. Also, play around a bit:

  • To start: Shooting for second arrow to right for any right-handed bowlers, only to locate your own sweet spot.
  • Try to move in direction of the miss. If you whiffed just by slamming your ball into far-left pin, then move left but try to aim at same target.
  • Adjust: every lane will be different, even same lane changes based on warp, wax levels and even humidity hence you will inevitably need to self-correct.

5.Try few bowling tricks

You may use simple trick to throw hook. You can start off with light ball, leave your thumb out and also let your palm to guide hook and spin. This will be simplest, easiest way of throwing mean lane-crossing hook.

Actually, you may feel as if you have much less control over ball at first, however give it couple of frames. After you are comfortable with grip, rest will come automatically.

6.Release with power

While releasing the ball at bottom of the downward swing, just aim for pins. Avoid overthinking on it. After you have learned a bit, you can consider for harder tricks, like 7 to 10 splits.

It is not so easy and it take years to learn and master it. However, if you can knock down only one pin, then you are doing pretty well.

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