Three Important Car Suspension Modifications That You May Consider

You must be knowing that engineers usually spend years for tuning the suspension of car, to get best possible handling and ride. However, the reality is something very different.

In fact, factory engineers are more concerned about cost limitations and also average of the vehicle that the driver expects, and hence they can try all that only up to certain limit.

If you want your car to be with better fuel efficiency then you need to modify its suspension.

Now the problem is that it will be really be easy with all these modifications but just think about slammed Hondas, as they are so much low that you will not be able to see tops of the tires.

Suppose any of those Honda owners just consider certain look as well as more power to their car then they are not really building better-handling cars.

If you are looking for real improvement in driving, then you will have to really find sweet spot between factory settings and by scraping off the muffler on speed bump.

So therefore, let us consider some sensible way to do that. Following are three modification of car suspension that really makes some sense.

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  • Performance coil overs

When shock absorber is wrapped in coil spring then it is called “coil-over” and these coil-overs too are common parts for car suspension in the factory setups.

The one that you will get from factory are normally tuned more for cost-saving and comfort rather than performance. Hence, the best things that you can think of doing for handling of your car are upgrade to certain performance coil-overs.

This will include both spring and shock, so that they will be designed for working together. The best part about aftermarket coil overs is, they preserve as well as can also improve the factory ride quality.

Also, most of these coil-overs are adjustable with little twisty thing available on top, so you can easily dial-in the setting so that it works best.

  • Strut tower brace

Usually more cars do not come standard with strut tower brace. It is just metal bar, which stretches from top of one front-strut to other and is suspended right over front of your engine mostly.

It only increases rigidity, that makes your car tighter and also more responsive when you are driving hard.

  • Wheels and tires

Lastly you will need right wheels with tires. Any right wheels will be big enough for filling out your wheel wells, however not too big. There must be sufficient clearance so that there will not be any rubbing.

The right tires will be basically wide and also low-profile that you can go well within limits of your wheels. Just by swapping wheels and tires it can give you huge improvement in the handling.

Now throw in coil-overs and strut tower brace, then it will be like as if you bought whole new car.

Now look at the cost. If you shop smartly then just by spending about thousand bucks your job will be done.

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