Some Important Tips To Follow When Installing Stereo In Your Car

Car stereo has become a very useful and an essential device in your car. It makes your ride more pleasant and entertaining. If you haven’t installed a car stereo before and it is your first time to do it, then here are a few tips that will definitely ease the process and help in its efficient execution.

Do proper planning

To perform the installation of your car stereo installation kits, you need to disable your car for some time. So, learn exactly how much time it will take for your car to be out of order. There are several tasks performed during the installation time for which your car is disabled.

These are running cables for a Bluetooth enabled microphone, a back-panel USB wire, a video cable to serve as a backup camera. You must be prepared that you won’t able to drive your car for this much installation time.

Know your vehicle

Before you install anything new in your vehicle, it requires that you know about the options that were previously / originally included in your car. There are chances that the new installation could replace the existing features in your device. It is advisable to determine what aftermarket adapters and products are compatible with the vehicle.

Find a route for the cables

As the video signal generated from the backup camera needs to get to the destination, it is important to decide a route for the wires. By staying away from the wires, it can even impact the quality of your video signal that is going to be displayed.

Keep your cables tidy safe

It is important to ensure that your wires are neat and well organized. As a user, you are responsible to keep the cables safely far from the pedals so that it does not get into the way while driving on the road.

How to select the right speaker for your needs?

There are a few things that you need to consider when buying the right speaker to suit your needs and taste.

Head Unit

When considering buying an advanced audio system, you must think of purchasing a head unit that comes with 3 sets of “preamplifier outlets”. It enables your head unit to control several amplifiers and each of them includes plugs for the back, front, and subwoofer speakers.

Modern head units come with specialized tone controls that provide compensation for most of the in-car anomalies.


To get good quality music listening experience, it is needed to get a minimum of four speakers to replicate the sound range. For high-end systems, installation of a separate speaker “subwoofer” for the lower frequency of a bass with diameter of ten or more is recommended.

For better stereo sound quality, use of two speakers is advised but if you have a space concern, then you can even have one.


You need amplifier to drive a subwoofer. The easy way is to install a 4-channel amplifier. If you want all the speakers of a system powered via an external amplifier, then you would need 5 or 6 amplified channels.


Hope all these tips would definitely simplify the process of installing your car stereo in the right way.

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