A Complete Guide to Hudson Yards Vessel NYC

All anyone can talk about right now is the Hudson Yards Development, and why not, it is by far the largest private real estate development in US. On completion, the Hudson Yards complex will have office space, residential space, as well as a mall. Well, perhaps it wasn’t enough to attract tourists, and so the billionaire and property developer, Stephen Ross, decided to add something extremely huge and monumental to it – The Vessel.

There is no one word to describe the Vessel, but some can say that it is a big sculpture which anyone can walk into. Designed by a British designer, Thomas Heastherwick, Vessel will offer a new way to view the world’s greatest city. This eye-catching centerpiece of the Hudson Yards, is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2019.

Structure of the Vessel

When you see the Vessel, it looks exactly like a giant honeycomb. However, instead of wax, it is built using interlinked steel staircases. Exactly, the Vessel consists of 154 staircases which in all have 2500 steps across 15 floors with 80 landings. The basic idea is that people will climb these stairs and see the New York city from different landings. Of course, if you don’t want to exhaust yourself, there will be elevators to take you to the top.

The base of the structure is hexagonal in shape, and it is 50 feet across. It widens as it rises and gets almost 150 feet across. This mesmerizing structure will hold about 1000 people at a time when completed.

There will be glass guardrails installed in the Vessel for safety, and for better aesthetics, copper colored steel claddings will be fixed. A capacious 5acre public plaza and beautiful gardens will be developed surrounding the Vessel. The garden will have 30,000 native plants, and a 200-foot fountain.

How to get to the Vessel?

It is pretty difficult to not find a place in NYC. After all, each and every route is outlined on the map. Besides, the developers of Hudson Yard Complex have paid a lot of attention to its accessibility. It is connected to West side highway, commuter rail service, as well as the subway.

  • The simplest way to reach is taking No. 7 subway which will drop you at the dedicated Hudson Yard Station.
  • You can also get down at the Penn Station and walk from there, as it is just 2 blocks from there.
  • The Port Authority, a bus terminal that links upstate New York and New Jersey to Hudson Yards is just one stop away from the No. 7 subway line.
  • Lastly, you can always drive to the Hudson Yards Vessel using the West side highway and Lincoln tunnel, and don’t worry about the parking, there are 1800 parking slots on the site.

Tickets of the Vessel

As soon as the Vessel will be open, it is expected to get flooded with visitors. Now, if you want to be amongst the first ones who climbed its stairs, we recommend you book yourself in advance. Early booking is already open so don’t wait any longer. Tickets are available for different time slots and so you can book one as per your availability. To know more about ticket bookings, checkout this website: http://www.tripindicator.com/hudson-yards-vessel-nyc.html.

There is no doubt about the fact that New York has many eye-catching structures, but the Vessel is expected to beat them all in its own way. It will not only stand out, but it is just too different to forget. For sure, if you are planning your vacations to NYC this year, you would want to explore the Vessel from the inside, rather than just gawking at it from a sightseeing tour bus.

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