Experience Delightful Star Cruise Holiday With MyDreamHoliday

A cruise holiday is one of the most refreshing breaks that you can offer yourself and your loved ones. And when that holiday is with Star Cruise, you will surely have an experience of a lifetime. A Star Cruise package is filled with unlimited fun, joy and entertainment. And when you get so much at the lowest price, it becomes an unbelievably irresistible offer. That’s exactly what happens when you book a cruise package with MyDreamHoliday; you get the lowest cruise package price offerings for the highest level of comfort, luxury and pleasure.

Experience Delightful Star Cruise Holiday With MyDreamHoliday

Exotic Destinations

Star Cruise is the leading cruise line in Asia Pacific. With a Star Cruise package you can travel to exotic destinations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and China. Choose the destination of your choice from the wide selection of tours that Star Cruise operates.

Comfortable Stay

All the ships of Star Cruise have well-appointed cabins which are comfortable and relaxing. Whether you book staterooms or superior rooms, all your cabins will give you a feel of homecoming every time you enter it. You will love to put yourself to sleep and wake up in the comfortable room of a Star Cruise liner during your cruise holiday.

Fine Dining

You can enjoy some of the finest cuisine on board any of the ships of Star Cruise. Your cruise package will include complimentary meals during the days of your cruise holiday at some of the choicest restaurants on board. But you can always check out other options to get a taste of the finest food from around the world and pamper your taste buds.

Fitness for All

A Star Cruise package has everything it takes to make your days meaningful and happy, including jogging tracks and gyms for the fitness lovers. There are swimming pools and Jacuzzi, too which can be enjoyed on-board. You can shed those extra calories that you gain while pampering your taste buds.

If you desire to look your best and get the gorgeous appearance to match your grand holiday, then you must visit the spa and beauty salon on board.

Unlimited Entertainment

A Star Cruise liner is a complete family entertainment. So, you have activity centres for kids, games room, video arcade, live music and show lounge to treat you to some world class performance. There are libraries and writing rooms to enjoy your leisure hours. For the solitary soul or the party-goer, a Star Cruise tour package has it all.

Shop till You Drop

You surely want to take back souvenirs and mementoes as a memory of the wonderful trip you have had, you can shop for these on the ship itself. You can shop for watches, jewellery and photo souvenirs to take back home. You can pay via star points or credit cards to avail exclusive discounts on your purchases.

Lowest Prices

All these come at an unbelievable price when you book a Star Cruise package with MyDreamHoliday which offers the lowest cruise package price for your cruise holiday. Experience hassle-free cruise booking and enjoy exclusive offers like never before with MyDreamHoliday.

You must be eagerly waiting for your next cruise holiday with Star Cruise; book with MyDreamHoliday for the lowest cruise package rates. Click here to book your holiday package now.

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